College is one of the most substantial and important investments you will make in your life — which is why we’re committed to keeping higher education affordable and accessible. In addition to campus-specific scholarships – which are based on academic standing, financial need, and/or service opportunities – students can also apply for federal aid.

Please click the links below for more information about the general financial aid process of Southeastern University, and the tuition and fee structure of the NorCal campus.

Financial Aid FAQ’s

What financial aid options are available?

Students at SEU extension sites and regional campuses may be eligible for federal financial aid, including grants and loans. You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to see what you may qualify for. Main campus academic scholarships are not available to extension site & regional campus students.

How do I complete the FAFSA?

The FAFSA can be completed at You will first need to ensure you have an FSA ID created. You will use that FSA ID each time you log in. The FAFSA is available October 1st of each year for the upcoming award year. You must enter SEU’s FAFSA school code: 001521.

What if I am selected to complete the federal verification process for the FAFSA?

Please visit to complete the necessary process.

How many credit hours must I take in order to be eligible for financial aid?
Students are required to be enrolled at least half time in order to receive Federal student loans for the 16 week semester. Half-time enrollment is determined by your degree program. Most undergraduate level programs at SEU require 6 credit hours over the course of the full semester in order to be considered half time. Federal Pell Grant funds are prorated based on enrollment and do not require a particular amount of credits to qualify, but eligibility does depend on your FAFSA application.
How much money will I receive through financial aid?

Before students can receive personalized financial aid award information, they must complete the SEU admission process and the FAFSA. Once you have completed the admission process and your FAFSA has been received, the Student Financial Services Office will email you your personalized award letter. In order to view personalized financial aid info online, students must log in to Net Partner to check their status and complete any additional required documents. If it’s your first time logging in, you’ll need to choose “First Time User,” and then use your student ID to set up your Password. Otherwise, use existing credentials to log in and explore your financial aid information.

What expenses can my financial aid cover?

Financial aid is provided primarily to cover tuition and fees associated with your education. However, it may also be used to cover additional program expenses included in your Cost of Attendance (COA) such as books, supplies, transportation, and living expenses.

When will my financial aid be disbursed?
In order for loan funds to disburse, Student Financial Services must first confirm completion of all documents and enrollment status. Depending on your schedule, this may cause disbursement times to vary by student.

As an example, a student who is enrolled in 3 credit hours in Term A and 3 credit hours in Term B (with half-time enrollment being defined as 6 credit hours) would not have their loan funds disbursed until after enrollment for the Term B course has been confirmed. However, a student who is in 6 credits all in Term A would be eligible for loan funds to disburse after enrollment has been confirmed in Term A.

When are Federal Pell Grant funds disbursed?
Federal Pell Grant funds are not disbursed until after enrollment in the 2nd session for each semester has been confirmed and the amount of Federal Pell Grant funds can be determined for disbursement. All required documents must first be submitted.

Tuition & Fees

How Much Do The Programs Cost?

Standard Undergraduate Programs

  • AA General Education
  • AS Ministerial Leadership
  • BS Ministerial Leadership: Biblical Studies
  • BS Ministerial Leadership: Christian Ministry
  • BS Ministerial Leadership: Pastoral Care and Counseling
  • BS Worship Ministries
  • BS Business & Professional Leadership
  • BS Psychology


Online / Hybrid Undergraduate Programs

  • BS Organizational Leadership
  • BS Business Administration, emphasis in Marketing Communication
  • BS Communication & Mass Media
  • BS Digital Media & Design
  • BS Human Services
  • BS Criminal Justice


Graduate Programs

  • MA Ministerial Leadership
  • MA Leadership
  • MS Pastoral Care & Counseling
  • MA Theological Studies
  • Master of Divinity


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