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The academics at SEU are top-notch and always evolving, giving you an ever-growing list of undergraduate and graduate options to choose from. Numerous programs of study are offered at the NorCal campus, while all degrees are conferred through SEU’s main campus in Lakeland, Florida.

Why study here?

  • Small class sizes allow you to connect one-on-one with some of the top professionals in their fields.
  • Our Christ-centered environment gives you Christian professors who teach every class with a biblical worldview.
  • No wait lists equal getting into the classes you need to take, when you need to take them.

Standard Programs

(All courses offered at SEU NorCal)

AA General Education

Southeastern University offers an Associate of Arts (AA) degree that includes the core learning components and competencies commonly accepted as foundational for a four-year baccalaureate degree by many colleges and universities. The AA degree is designed for students who desire recognition for completing the two-year prescribed curriculum. Because many bachelor degrees require specific prerequisites, students should verify how their AA degree and classes transfer into their intended degree.

All courses may be taken face-to-face at the SEU NorCal campus or through the online program of Southeastern University.

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AA Education
Southeastern University’s Associate of Arts in Education (AA in Education) degree is designed for students who wish to acquire skills that are both foundational and will prepare them for opportunities in the field of education. Please note that graduating from this program does not certify students as licensed educators. However, it serves as an excellent segue into SEU’s Bachelor of Science in education degrees.

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AS Ministerial Leadership

The Associate of Ministerial Leadership degree program prepares students for ministry leadership in local churches, faith-based non-profit organizations, and other ministry contexts through an interdisciplinary curriculum of courses.

Students who complete the degree program satisfy the educational requirements for Assemblies of God ministerial credentials. All courses are transferrable into the Bachelor of Science in Ministerial Leadership program.

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BS Ministerial Leadership: Biblical Studies
The Bachelor of Science in Ministerial Leadership-Biblical Studies track (BSMLB) allows students to build, refine, and expand their ministry skills while ensuring a broad, robust foundation in theology, the Bible, spiritual development, church ministry, leadership principles, and ecclesiastical operations. The final 18 hours of the BSMLB major core focuses on advanced study, interpretation, and application of the Bible in the context of the local church.

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BS Ministerial Leadership: Christian Ministry

The Bachelor of Science in Ministerial Leadership-Christian Ministry track (BSMLM) allows students to build, refine, and expand their ministry skills while ensuring a broad, robust foundation in theology, the Bible, spiritual development, church ministry, leadership principles, and ecclesiastical operations. The final 18 hours of the BSMLM major core focuses on key pastoral competencies: sharing the Christian faith, preaching, church leadership, spiritual formation, and pastoral care.

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BS Ministerial Leadership: Pastoral Care and Counseling
The Bachelor of Science in Ministerial Leadership – Pastoral Care & Counseling track degree program prepares students for ministry leadership in local churches, faith-based non-profit organizations, and other ministry contexts through an interdisciplinary curriculum of courses. The final 18 hours of the major core is an interdisciplinary study in psychology, counseling, and pastoral care.

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BS Business & Professional Leadership
The Bachelor of Science in Business and Professional Leadership is an undergraduate degree that provides a combination of basic leadership theory and business managerial concepts to enable graduates to advance in their careers.

While similar, this program differs from a traditional business degree in that it assumes the student is seeking a general studies degree with an emphasis in the soft-skills and decision-making aspect of business. This major scans the most important concepts in business and organizational leadership. Students may take practicum credit for either the ministry or marketplace in lieu of general electives.

This is the degree normally understood in the marketplace to be for students ready to advance in their careers. It is also suitable for students wishing to start their careers in a business field where soft-skills, leadership potential, and experience are important.

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BS Psychology
The Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree provides students with fundamentals in psychological and integration principles. Students will learn to incorporate their Christian faith into their work and prepare for paraprofessional fields that require a psychology or behavioral science degree. In addition, they will participate in supervised field experience and conduct and report empirical research in the field. This degree is also ideal for a student considering pursuing a master’s degree in a helping profession such as counseling.

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology is designed for students who plan to enter more directly into the career world.

A minimum of a master’s degree is required at the entry level into the field of professional psychology and counseling. The Bachelor of Science degree will prepare one for a number of paraprofessional areas.

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(A portion of the courses offered at SEU NorCal)

BS Organizational Leadership
The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership (BSLDR) is a general undergraduate degree that emphasizes critical
thinking, problem-solving, communication and leadership applicable in a variety of contexts and organizations.

The curriculum is built upon a broad liberal arts foundational core and includes 36 credit hours of Leadership studies,
including the opportunity to earn internship credit.

The BSLDR is understood in the marketplace as a suitable degree for graduates desiring to start or advance their career as a
leader of a non-profit or business organization.

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BS Business Administration, emphasis in Marketing Communication

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a concentration in Marketing Communication is an undergraduate business degree built around a common core of business courses, with 15 hours of advanced courses in marketing communication. The BBA is the recognized industry standard online business degree offered by Southeastern.

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BS Communication & Mass Media

The Communication & Mass Media degree emphasizes the principles and best practices of mass-mediated communication and human communication. The communication core focuses on various types of communication (interpersonal, intercultural, and organizational), storytelling, and analysis of the mass media (courses including the theory, law, and the writing aspects of mass media). Students are guided to become better communicators, whether their goal is to inform, entertain, or persuade. Students also analyze communication artifacts and assess their effectiveness, persuasiveness, and ethics.

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BS Digital Media & Design

The Bachelor of Science in Digital Media and Design (BSDMD) is an online communication program, which caters to working adults—regardless of age—who are seeking career advancement. The program introduces and assesses students in the following curricular categories: (1) digital media and design knowledge, (2) skills in digital media and editorial production, (3) skills in digital design and art, and (4) skills in digital marketing. The BSDMD provides students with the critical communication and digital design skills necessary for advancement in the marketplace or acceptance to graduate schools that focus on communication or design. The program supports the mission of Southeastern University by equipping future communication leaders to serve the marketplace through Spirit-empowered life, learning, and leadership.

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BS Human Services
The Bachelor of Science in Human Services is designed for students who seek an interdisciplinary education to assist them in careers that provide integrated services to individuals and families in need of assistance, or to prepare students in pursuing graduate studies in the area of human services or related fields.

The goal of this program is to prepare or enhance students’ abilities in positions that seek to improve the quality of life for those who are served, remediation of problems, meeting basic human needs, and advocating change in the systems that affect the lives of those needing assistance

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BS Criminal Justice
The Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice provides curriculum and practical experiences designed to help develop students and practitioners with critical and analytical skills to promote the administration of justice in a diverse and global society. This program equips students with a thorough understanding of criminal justice systems and theories, and the historical foundation of criminal justice. The undergraduate curriculum is designed to allow students to explore the various agencies, personnel roles, and career opportunities available in the criminal justice field. The Program seeks to educate students as well as promote workforce development by targeting practitioners currently working in the criminal justice field. Students who major in criminal justice have many opportunities to further their personal and professional development.

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MA Leadership: Organizational Leadership

Southeastern University’s online Master of Arts in Leadership degree features an accelerated 36 credit hour curriculum that combines leadership innovation with key problem-solving methods. This program is designed specifically to prepare working individuals for the next step in their careers. Through 18 credit hours of leadership courses, students will strengthen their understanding of leadership fundamentals, including the practice of self-leadership, social intelligence, strategy and more. The additional 18 credits of this program are earned through a selection of one of four career-focused specialization tracks: Entrepreneurship, Nonprofit Leadership, Research, or Organizational Leadership.

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Additional tracks may be viewed by visiting and choosing Graduate Catalog in the dropdown.

MA Ministerial Leadership
Program Overview

The Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership: Leadership degree program enriches the work of ministry leaders—serving in local churches, faith based non-profit organizations, and a variety of other ministry contexts—through an interdisciplinary curriculum of theological studies, biblical studies, Christian
formation, and ministry practices. The final 15 hours of the degree program emphasizes the application of general leadership, administrative leadership, conflict management, and strategic leadership practices in ministry contexts.

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MS Pastoral Care & Counseling
This program will focus on equipping those in ministry to help the increasing number of hurting, distressed and depressed people in our churches and beyond, who need to be helped through Bible-based counselling and pastoral care to spiritual, emotional, physical and mental wholeness. The overarching aim of this program of study is to equip and empower persons who have a passion for pastoral care and feel called to the ministry of offering emotional support and counselling, and in particular, Church leaders who are strategically placed to counsel and give support as an integral part of their ministry.

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MA Theological Studies
The Southeastern University’s Master of Arts in Theological Studies provides a broad level of understanding of the systematic, historical, biblical, ethical, and practical theologies. Students will receive a strong foundation in the various theologies from a Pentecostal perspective, and learn to interact critically with affirming and opposing theoretical constructs in the academic field of theology. Graduates will gain sound theological education for church ministry or for teaching at secondary academies or at an undergraduate college level in the field of theological studies.

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Master of Divinity
Program Overview

The Southeastern University Master of Divinity degree provides a comprehensive level of understanding of the theological commitments and praxis of the church for the purpose of preparing students for ministry in professional settings. This includes, but is not limited to, pastoral work, missionary work, and chaplaincy in various fields. Students will receive a strong foundation in the various theological disciplines from a Pentecostal perspective, will learn to interact critically with affirming and opposing theoretical constructs, and will participate in engaged practice and reflection upon those commitments within various ministerial areas. The degree will also provide foundational preparation for students desiring to pursue doctoral education in certain disciplines

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Students have access to Southeastern’s extensive online library, in addition to the physical collection of nearly 4,000 volumes at the NorCal campus. Study cubicles and computers are available for student use.


What is a Practicum?

At SEU NorCal, we believe you can’t learn everything you need to learn in a classroom. Many of our undergraduate degree programs allow you to gain practical experience outside of the classroom – in your chosen field of study – while earning college credit along the way

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